Iotorama (2015)
Comissioner / Client
Mobile World Capital, Barcelona (es)
Chrome, WebGL, Touchscreens

A cultural & educational interactive installation inviting people to learn about the world of Internet of Things in a playful way.

Each screen offers a view of the world around us including home, environment, DIY, body & mind, culture and social, where objects (circles) can be linked to data sources (squares) and purposes (triangles) to further explore IoT projects within each category.

Commissioned by Mobile World Capital as part of the Connected Beings exhibition at Mobile World Centre in Barcelona, spring 2015. Creative DIrection by former digital art studio Alpha-ville (Estela Oliva & Carmen Salas). Development by FLUUUID (Silvio Paganini, Wiliam Mapan).

Alpha-ville (Author & Creative Director) FLUUUID (Development)
Connected Beings – Mobile World Centre, Barcelona (es), 2015